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About The Challenger List
The Challenger List is an online community for Human Resource professionals. Its goal is to be a forum whereby people working in human resources can (1) Find open positions all over the world, (2) Report open positions to others within the community they have heard about, (3) Report the latest news about their peers such as when they move to a new position.
It evolved from a simple list of human resource jobs that we at Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. compiled as our executives and consultants in the field heard about them. Once we started developing a list of open positions, we began receiving calls from search and human resource professionals around the country to let us know of other positions they had available or heard were available.
As The Challenger List evolved, it became more time-consuming for our staff. As a consequence, we decided the easiest way to maintain and distribute the information was to create a website where interested people could go and look over positions, add new information and in other ways self-maintain. Of course, we will still manage it to some degree in order to make sure the information is as accurate as possible, to maintain confidentiality when requested and to add new features as good ones are devised or suggested.
Current Features
Some of the features currently available include:

Complete Positions. The positions listed under the Full Positions category have either been gathered directly by the Challenger, Gray & Christmas staff or have been entered by someone in the community who had complete information about a position. There are many required fields that must be completed in order to list a position in this category. Positions in this category can be confidential either by company or contact, in which case you will need to contact a member of the CGC staff to get further information about them.

Moves. The Moves list is another example of the community adding information for the benefit of everyone in the community. If you know that someone has moved from a position at one company to a position at another company, add it to the Moves list. Everyone benefits when we know where our peers have gone.

If you see additional features needed on the site, please contact us. We'll review your ideas and if they can be implemented we'll do our best.

In order to review positions on the site or to add positions, moves or make comments, you need to register. We require registration because we are trying to keep the information on the site as accurate as possible. If the people adding information are managed, then all of us will have greater confidence that the information is accurate because, after all, who wants to be known as someone who is deliberately attempting to mislead other members of the community.